What Women (And Men) Want

While their player status seems obvious, Matthew and Kyle insist that they are honest with all the women they encounter. Lying leads to trouble, and revenge is easily executed. 

Both men steer clear of women under 30, because the majority of them want to get married and start families. They’re also purposefully vague about their income levels and careers, grateful that living in King of Prussia doesn’t indicate much about either. “Saying you live in the Main Line area, or that you’re a lawyer or doctor, connotes a lifestyle that a certain kind of woman will seek,” says Matthew. 

The same goes for men. Alice got cougar offers from younger guys and learned to watch for signs that men were overly impressed by her car or other wealth signifiers. Local physician Dr. Dolores Roman had similar concerns. Now 42 years old and divorced for three years, Roman has a busy career and four children. When she ventured onto Match, she listed her profession but not her income. Still, she feared she would intimidate men. “I think it was a good filter,” says Roman. “A man who would initiate a relationship with me had to be secure enough so that it wasn’t an issue.”

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Even so, some of Roman’s dates were too confident about their place in life. “The biggest shock was men in their 40s who were living with their parents or a friend,” she says. “Some had their own places, but they had a mattress with no bed frame or were sitting in beach chairs with no couch.”

Once, Alice took some photos with a man she’d been dating for a few weeks and showed them to one of her neighbors. “She said, ‘That’s my boyfriend.’ I was flabbergasted and profusely apologized,” says Alice. “But of course she was upset.” 

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