Treetastic Is All About Boutique Visual Design for the Holidays

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Kimberly Valentine’s Treetastic brings Christmas tree fever to the Main Line area ahead of the holiday season.

Do you ever wish you could make money off your hobby? Maybe your family would pay you to knit scarves or your friends would sponsor you to run. That’s how Kimberly Valentine began Treetastic.

Despite the name, Valentine’s business does not sell Christmas trees. In fact, it is a boutique visual design firm that specializes in decorating faux trees, as well as wreaths and garlands, like you’ve never seen them before.

It all began during the 2017 Christmas season. Valentine didn’t have a brand, but, armed with her impressive design skills, she began decorating the trees of friends and family. Soon commercial clients came calling as Valentine’s presence around the Main Line area grew. It became a tradition as the years flew by, while more and more requests came to her to be the woman behind the year’s Christmas decorations.

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By the summer 2023, Valentine was ready to put her business skills to the test. Her talents in design already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, she introduced Treetastic to the public in July 2023 with a grand social media announcement and quickly found success.


With a professional atmosphere, Valentine’s team will come to your house or place of business and illuminate your tree to a theme. Whether that’s anything from bewitched to Vegas high roller, luxury Christmas, the nutcracker or anything in between, Treetastic brings life to an otherwise dreary tree.

Naturally, the company’s busiest time of year is the Christmas season. That being said, Treetastic is a year-round operation, and you’d be surprised by how many businesses and parties require decorations for faux plants.

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“This is beginning to be a trend among quite a few people, keeping their trees up all year and decorating them for different occasions and holidays, whether that be Valentine’s Day, birthday, Memorial Day, Halloween, etc.” Valentine says.


For those around the Main Line area, decorating the tree can be a chore, something the family has to do before guests come over for Christmas. Treetastic hopes to relieve that stress, but you’ll want to get a booking in early before the busy season begins.

“The month of July is the holiday season kickoff for designing, sourcing and procurement. By September, obtaining holiday decor is very competitive. October is slim pickings,” Valentine says. “And by early November, you’re definitely late to the party. The longer you wait, the more likely you’ll be crying over melted marshmallows.”

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Distributors and vendors have their eyes so far on the future that Valentine is planning for the next holiday season before the current one has ended. By December 2023, her mind is already on the Christmas 2024 season.

That’s one of the many reasons why she cautions her customers about waiting too long to decorate. By late-November and December, supplies are low and the competition for shipping is high.

But for those who prepare their trees in advance and are as enthusiastic about Christmas as Valentine is, she wants her customers to know that Treetastic cares about them just as much as they care about their decorations.

“You deserve magic in every occasion, and that’s what we do,” Valentine says.

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