Transforming Your Bathroom Into an Oasis: Practical Tips


When you’re relaxing at home, where do you spend most of your time? In all likelihood, you lounge in your living room or bedroom, saving the bathroom for punctuated visits. What if, instead of strictly utilitarian, your bathroom was a serene, relaxing space? With a few small stylistic changes, it can become a personal oasis — and the most relaxing room in your home. Not sure where to start? Follow these suggestions to create a spa-like retreat:

Color Coordination

It’s no secret that color influences mood. Bright colors can promote energy, but also distraction and disorientation. Neutral bathrooms feel calmer and more sophisticated. White backsplash and floor tile visually expand small spaces, while gray promotes a chill ambiance. Blue encourages peace and serenity, while providing a welcome pop of color in an otherwise neutral space. Color selection extends not only to tile and paint, but also faucet and shower door finishes, available in chrome, bronze, nickel, and several other shades.

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Consider Lighting

Set the mood with careful lighting selections. When possible, incorporate natural lighting to make your bathroom feel more open and airy. If large windows aren’t possible, consider incorporating a skylight to provide natural light from above. Otherwise, ambient lighting brings warmth to the entire room while minimizing shadows and other dark spaces. Don’t forget task lighting for easier shaving and makeup application.

Opt for Frameless Shower Doors

Even a tiny bathroom can feel spacious if you choose the right shower style. Frameless doors open up the room, providing the illusion of extra space. Pair with white subway tile for a simple, yet sophisticated look.

Integrate Music Into the Bathroom Experience

The only thing more relaxing than a hot shower? Showering while listening to jazz music. No matter your preferred genre, you’ll look forward to hearing your favorite tunes as you bathe. Technologically-advanced showerheads with integrated wireless speakers make it all possible.

Minimize Clutter

Toiletries accumulate quickly on bathroom counters and in the shower. A few scattered bottles can quickly make an otherwise calming space feel frenetic. To reduce clutter, embrace innovative storage solutions such as floating shelves and shower lockers. These blend into your bathroom’s environment to achieve a sleek, sophisticated appearance.

Install a Rain Shower

Not a bath person? Not a problem. You’ll feel just as refreshed after stepping into your very own rain shower. Real Rain is notoriously relaxing, and rain showers capture much of this charm. Varying droplet sizes allow overhead showers to accurately mimic the feel of a natural rain shower.

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Every trip to the bathroom should deliver complete rejuvenation. A few mall tweaks can turn an otherwise ordinary space into a spa-like oasis. Soon, you’ll look forward to hanging out in your bathroom.

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