Top Lawyers 2010

The Main Line’s best in 15 specialties.

Looking for a lawyer? Here’s your guide to the best around. This year, we added three new specialties—and in another first, we had a tie for the top vote-getter in one category. Meet the 16 attorneys considered tops among their peers.
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Pamela RaabBusiness Law: Pamela Raab

Palmarella, Curry & Kelly, PC, 1255 Drummers Lane, Suite 105, Wayne; (610) 687-1100,

Years in practice: 3
Education: J.D., Widener Law (2007)
Case in point: Any business transaction can encompass many legal aspects, including contracts, taxes, securities, corporate law and employee benefits, to name a few. “As a business lawyer, I need to be able to understand the implications of each area of law in order to effectively advise my clients and protect their interests,” says Raab, who just represented a group of physicians in a deal involving a $160 million medical treatment facility.

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William DeNardoCriminal Defense: William DeNardo

Plymouth Greene Office Campus, 1000 Germantown Pike, Suite D3, Plymouth Meeting; (610) 945-1999,

Years in practice: 12
Education: J.D., Widener Law (1997)
Case in point: In a drug delivery case, the district attorney opposite DeNardo was one of his best friends—and soon to be his groomsman. “Is he still going to be in your wedding party?” the judge asked when things got intense. DeNardo lost, but the case didn’t sour the friendship. In fact, it was overturned on appeal a few years later. “I have a real passion for the thrill of being inside a courtroom, and litigating and fighting for my clients,” he says. “If and when I keep a client out of jail or keep a driver’s license in his or her pocket, or advocate for a client to maintain seeing his or her children, that’s what it’s all about.”

Gregory LaMonacaDivorce Law: Gregory LaMonaca

The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, PC, 755 N. Monroe St., Media; (610) 892-3877,

Years in practice: 16

Education: J.D., Widener Law (1994)

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Case in point: LaMonaca prides himself on helping parents and children navigate a tumultuous process. For him, the real tests have come during emergency situations—like a recent case involving an emotionally fragile child during a custody battle. “[In five days], we got a team of professionals involved and expedited the hearing to get help for the child and her family.”

Robert R. DeLong Jr.

Elder Law: Robert R. DeLong Jr.

17 Veterans Square, P.O. Box 604, Media;
(610) 627-5865,

Years in practice: 10
Education: J.D., Widener Law (1999)
Case in point: In an area with a sizable older population, DeLong works with fellow attorneys to educate seniors on available services through organizations like the Delaware County Office of Services for the Aging. “The most challenging cases are circumstances where the senior’s intellectual capacity has deteriorated and they haven’t had good plans in place before that time,” he says. “Most folks don’t even have a will or advance directives, so we’re left trying to discern what their wishes and desires are.”

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Louis KodumalEnvironmental Law: Louis Kodumal

Law Offices of Vincent B. Mancini & Associates, 414 E. Baltimore Pike, Media; (888) 350-4912,

Years in practice: 15
Education: J.D., University of Pittsburgh School of Law (1995)
Case in point: The revival of the Chester waterfront is plain to see, but many of the behind-the-scenes contributors are little known. Enter Kodumal and his firm, who’ve represented the Chester Redevelopment Authority since 2000. During that time, Kodumal has been involved in the multimillion-dollar improvements to Barry Bridge Park, the Philadelphia Union’s new PPL Park and subsequent redevelopment projects. “It involved a significant interaction with different government agencies and private entities,” says Kodumal of the new soccer stadium. “There are various complications to any transaction or deal, but often they can be solved in more than one way.”

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Randi J. VladimerFamily Law: Randi J. Vladimer

Randi J. Vladimer, PC, Radnor Plaza, 320 King of Prussia Road, Suite 140, Radnor; (610) 975-9898,

Years in practice: 27
Education: J.D., New England School of Law (1983)
Case in point: With her creative approach to conflict resolution and her background in commercial litigation, Vladimer has always had the ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of family law. “I’ve had several custody cases where it’s the fathers seeking custody of children from mothers,” she says. “More and more, professional women are the breadwinners for their husbands, who are then seeking alimony.”

Lawrence WelshImmigration Law: Lawrence Welsh

The Law Office of Gregory P. LaMonaca, PC,
755 N. Monroe St., Media; (610) 892-3877,

Years in practice: 13
Education: J.D., Villanova University Law School (1997)
Case in point: Welsh says his skills as an attorney can be traced to his first-generation immigrant parents. “From my Italian mother’s side, I developed an optimistic attitude, fueling an undying confidence that people can and will work through their differences,” he says. “From my Irish father’s side, I developed an indomitable spirit, and a commitment to doing things the right way and getting to the right result.”


Richard BatemanLabor Law (Employees):
Richard Bateman*

12 Veterans Square, Media, (610) 566-3322

Years in practice: 20
Education: J.D., Widener Law (1989)
Case in point: Employment law is an ever-changing specialty—and that’s especially true in the current economic climate. Downsizing, advancements in technology and changes in corporate policies open up a myriad of legal issues for employees, from wrongful termination to racial and sexual discrimination. “A good labor attorney listens well, prepares for the unexpected and approaches cases with an open mind,” says Bateman.

* Labor Law (Employees) resulted in a tie. See the other winner and more Top Lawyers on page 3 …

William T. WilsonLabor Law (Employees):
William T. Wilson

MacElree Harvey, 17 W. Miner St., West Chester; (610) 436-0100,

Years in practice: 31
Education: J.D., Duke University School of Law (1979)
Case in point: Wilson’s area of expertise, workplace discrimination, requires more than just an analytical understanding of the facts. “It involves trying to figure out what was the intent of the managers who made employment-related decisions,” he says. “To be effective, you have some understanding of people’s motivations and understand how the facts that you see in the case might reveal what people are thinking underneath.”


Kevin R. MarcianoMedical Malpractice (Patients):
Kevin R. Marciano

Cherry, Fieger & Marciano, LLP, 11 E. Second St., Media; (888) 684-2374,

Years in practice: 18
Education: J.D., Capital University Law School, Ohio (1992)
Case in point: Physicians and Marciano have something in common: They’re both passionate about helping people. Unfortunately for doctors who blunder, Marciano is—in his own words—relentless. “I have such respect and adoration for the doctors I’m suing; we know they do great things,” he says. “The problem is that, when doctors make mistakes, catastrophic things happen.”


Robert E. O’ConnorPersonal Bankruptcy:
Robert E. O’Connor

Law Offices of Robert E. O’Connor, 755 N. Monroe St., Media; (610) 566-1110,

Years in practice: 14

Education: J.D., Widener Law (1996)

Case in point: While practicing personal bankruptcy law isn’t always uplifting, O’Connor is determined to get as much unsecured consumer debt as possible discharged for his clients. “I try to remember that each case is more than just a case,” he says. “Rather, it’s someone’s life and future in your hands, so I want to do everything possible to take the best care of the them.”

Timothy RaynePersonal Injury Law: Timothy Rayne

MacElree Harvey, 211 E. State St., Kennett Square; (610) 444-3180,

Years in practice: 15

Education: J.D., Widener Law (1995)

Case in point: Rayne knows the value of educating his clients—keeping them up to speed on the legal process and their rights. In one of his more memorable cases, he successfully represented a driver injured after he collided with horses that had escaped from a breeding farm due to the negligent design and maintenance of the fencing.


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Scott R. ReidenbachReal Estate Law: Scott R. Reidenbach

Reidenbach & Associates, LLC, 1008 Upper Gulph Road, Suite 300, Wayne; (800) 969-7032,

Years in practice: 12
Education: J.D., Widener Law (1997)
Case in point: On its way to being virtually paperless, Reidenbach’s three-year-old firm has grown from one to four offices in the past year and now serves more than 200 clients. “We’re often up against much larger law firms in our cases; we’re the Davids against the Goliaths,” he says. “Through our sophisticated and efficient use of technology, we’re able to better serve, volley and often outplay our opponents.”
     And Reidenbach’s specialty is a top commodity. “I’m one of only a handful of lawyers in this region who specializes in condominium law,” he says.

Jonathan “Dutch” BeckerTax Law: Jonathan “Dutch” Becker

1 Veterans Square, Suite 106, Media;
(215) 990-7456,

Years in practice: 15

Education: J.D., Ohio Northern University College of Law (1994)

Case in point: Taxes aren’t tedious for Becker. He enjoys the intricate details and problem solving. “As a kid, I loved baseball, logic problems and wargaming, all of which involve statistics, odds and complex rules,” he says. “Tax is a game with 6,000 pages of rules that are changing all the time. It’s really challenging, and I find that to be compelling.”

Trusts, Wills and Estates:

Karen Stockmal

Karen Stockmal

KMS Law Offices, 1055 Westlakes Drive, Suite 300, Berwyn; (610) 524-7865,

Years in practice: 11
Education: J.D., Temple University Beasley School of Law (1999)
Case in point: Stockmal cherishes the bonds she forms with multiple generations of families. She encourages these long-term relationships by offering reasonable flat fees for most services, so as not to undermine the ongoing process of estate planning. “Working with the IRS is always challenging because we take positions on a return as to value,” says Stockmal of her eight-month audits on federal estate tax returns. “A lot of clients have artwork and businesses, and you have to substantiate why you’re valuing something the way you are. There are a lot of nuances behind that.”

David R. CherryWorkers’ Compensation Law:
David R. Cherry

Cherry, Fieger & Marciano, LLP, 11 E. Second St., Media; (888) 684-2374,

Years in practice: 15
Education: J.D., Widener Law (1995)
Case in point: Good things come to those who wait, but Cherry also knows his strength lies in quick action. “We help injured workers in a way that really affects their lives,” he says. “I go to court immediately to get lost wages and medical benefits.” Cherry also is known for his tenacity in battling insurance companies, most recently for clients injured or killed during the winter snowstorms. “For me, it’s not just money,” he says. “It’s the human factor that motivates me.”

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