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The Patient in the White Coat: My Odyssey from Health to Illness and Back by Dr. Rosalind Kaplan and more.

The Patient in the White Coat: My Odyssey from Health to Illness and Back
By Dr. Rosalind Kaplan
(Kaplan Publishing, 245 pages)

Main Line Health’s Rosalind Kaplan had a promising medical career, a newborn son and a loving husband. But after a prick from an infected needle led to Hepatitis C, the Main Line doctor’s life was turned upside down. Her harrowing tale makes for an enthralling and brutally candid memoir.

Wharton Esherick: The Journey of a Creative Mind
By Mansfield Bascom
(Abrams, 276 pages)
A work of art in itself, this substantial volume celebrates the distinguished artistic genius of Wharton Esherick, whose self-made woodland studio in Paoli is now a museum that pays homage to him, the dean of American craftsmen. For this 40-year project, Mansfield Bascom—Esherick’s son-in-law and the museum’s former director and curator—traces the artist’s evolution from painter to sculptor, and his furniture’s transition to curvilinear, freeform sculpture. The first text devoted to the artist, it draws on Bascom’s unparalleled personal insight.

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Bartram Covered Bridge: Spanning History
By George D. Conn, Christopher P. Driscoll, Eric D. Gerst and Douglas P. Humes
(Newtown Square Historical Preservation Society and Bartram Bridge Joint Preservation Board, 80 pages)

A quaint remnant of years gone by, Newtown Square’s Bartram covered bridge—the last of its kind in Delaware County—is more than meets the eye. Spanning History chronicles its construction and heyday in 1860, its mid-20th-century deterioration, and its eventual rescue in the 1960s. The 100-plus photos, illustrations and historical documents make a compelling case for the bridge’s crucial role in connecting both riverbanks and centuries.

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