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Main Liners: Legacy of Deceit by Barbara K. Clement and more.

Main Liners: Legacy of Deceit
By Barbara K. Clement
(Kay Square Press, 216 pages)

If you love mysteries—and a good scandal—Barbara K. Clement’s debut novel is one you won’t want to miss. Full of juicy, sordid and (thankfully) fictitious tidbits, the story is written in a unique short-chapter format. It begins with the death of a well-to-do Main Line patriarch, before unraveling in life-altering fashion with the opening of a Pandora’s box—in this case, a safe hiding years of shocking secrets.

Avenues & Boulevards
Sasha Woods (MilkBoy Recording)
Singer/songwriter Sasha Woods comes to us by way of Minneapolis and England. A veritable late-bloomer, Woods hit her musical stride after a good talking-to by her piano teacher. That proverbial kick in the butt was all the motivation she needed to gain entry into London’s Royal College of Music and eventually land a recording session at Ardmore’s MilkBoy studios. Critics have compared Woods to Rickie Lee Jones, Neko Case and Joni Mitchell, but we’ll let you decide.

Designing Brand Identity
By Alina Wheeler
(Wiley, 310 pages)
Widely referenced in the advertising and marketing industry, Alina Wheeler’s Designing Brand Identity has been a successful deal-making tool since the initial version came out in 2004. Like the original, the third edition provides a practical structure for the brand-building process—through instruction, examples, text, pictures and charts—in a simple and fascinating way. This update features new case studies, brand ideas, logos and more.

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