Things We Like

Lady Killer
Lisa Scottoline (HarperCollins, 368 pages)
No doubt diehard Lisa Scottoline fans have already plowed through her latest mystery thriller. So if you’re behind the eight ball, one of your friends is bound to have a copy for you to borrow. Brimming with absorbing characters, lingering grudges, power plays, suspense, romance and irony, Lady Killer revives one of Scottoline’s favorite characters, attorney Mary DiNunzio, and sheds a little light on another of life’s mysteries—why it’s a good thing you didn’t end up with that guy you had a crush on in high school.

Hot Shot
The Karen Young Reheat (MaxRoxx Music)

Chances are, if you were throwing down on the dance floor in 1978, you heard Karen Young’s “Hot Shot” (West End Records), one of the best pop-disco songs of all time. Remixed by Malvern’s Andy Kahn—who wrote the original track—using Young’s lead vocal track, “Reheat” is tailored for DJs, with three versions of the tune plus two instrumental “dubs.” One listen, and you’ll be dusting off that disco ball and renting Saturday Night Fever.

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Photo by Luigi Ciuffetelli

Kids Corner 20th Anniversary Celebration (WXPN Records)

Since 1988, WXPN’s Kids Corner has been to radio what Bill Nye the Science Guy was to television: wholesome, educational, occasionally irreverent fun for the entire family. Snag a copy of this 20th anniversary CD for your expectant friend or favorite non-offspring. Or get it for yourself, if only to chuckle over tracks like “What Kind of Cat Are You?” Available with a donation; (800) 565-WXPN,

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