The Top Interior Lighting Trends for 2019


Interior design trends, like fashion trends, tend to be cyclical. It seems that just as quickly as fads come in, they are shelved once again until some designer comes searching for inspiration. Interior lighting – including lamps, chandeliers, pendants, sconces, so on and so forth – is no different. In 2018, rustic weathered textures, mid-century modern design, statement pieces and farmhouse styles stole the show. Some of these trends will carry into the new year – so don’t worry if you just bought a fashionable Hygge chandelier – but there are a handful of new trends to keep your eye on as we enter 2019.

Gorgeous Geometry

Because patterns and symmetry are so pleasing to the human eye, light fixtures touting geometric designs have become increasingly popular. Dramatic angles create neat patterns of light that bounce throughout the room and add obvious visual flair to any space. Modular lighting fixtures are a newer avenue of geometric fixtures, allowing for customization based on specific needs or moods. Of course, before you go picking up a new decorative chandelier for your living room, consider the space first. What kind of patterns do you have already? What kind of colors? They say black goes with anything, but gold may not. Remember to be wary of size as well—your new fixture should be a complement to your style, even serve as a talking point, but it shouldn’t overwhelm everything else.

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Intriguing Industrial

This is one of those current trends that we expect will carry into next year. Industrial lighting has been popular for some time now, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to disappear anytime soon. But why is industrial lighting so popular? For one, it appeals to our sense of history—shapes and styles reminiscent of simpler times. There’s something raw about industrial style, where its cold-as-concrete appearance is offset by the warm hues of Edison bulbs. It also appeals to the desire to reuse or recycle, because authentic industrial fixtures can be retrofitted with newer, more efficient technology.

Outside In

The rule of leaving outdoor fixtures outdoors is quickly becoming a blurred line. Sconce lights, for instance, are just one example of how you can bring outdoor fixtures inside, especially if you’re looking for a more industrial vibe. That being said, you should consider a few things before hooking up a neat patio light in your kitchen or bathroom. If you aren’t one already, you’d be wise to hire an electrician to ensure your wiring can handle the voltage of outdoor fixtures, which are rated for uses different than what you have in mind. And remember: Using indoor light fixtures for outdoor purposes is typically a no-no. Outdoor fixtures are usually coated and sealed to withstand extreme weather conditions while indoor ones are usually made to withstand a few bumps and maybe the occasional insect.

Lustrous LEDs

LED lights have become increasingly popular over the years, especially with advances in technology allowing for smaller, brighter lights in a wider variety of color temperatures. For stylish accent lighting in the kitchen or everyday illumination from table lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers, consider exchanging outdated bulbs with LED ones. Not only will they last longer than your typical incandescent bulbs, but they’ll end up saving you a fair chunk of change in the long run as well.

Mixed Materials

Mankind has been mixing materials for years without it becoming a fashion trend. It’s been a necessary aspect of progression, right? These days, human innovation is finding newer and better ways of combining materials—seamlessly blending them into fashionable decorative pieces. Mixed material lighting fixtures are part of that bundle, often fusing contrasting materials like wood and metal, metal and glass, glass and…well, you get the idea. Even cork has been utilized for more sustainable, eco-friendly pieces. Fixtures that feature more than one material are popular because they appeal to our love of contrast. Simply put, they’re interesting to look at in a way that’s not totally unlike our fondness for patterns and geometry.

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