The Top 10 Undergraduate Majors According to The Princeton Review

Business, Psychology, Nursing, Biology, Education, English and Economics lead the list.

College can be overwhelming for a lot of reasons. Among the most daunting: the sheer number of courses available. And since many colleges have general requirements, undecided students have the mandated liberty to explore subjects across disciplines. The Princeton Review has named the top 10 undergraduate majors in this order:

1. Business Administration and Management/Commerce
2. Psychology
3. Nursing
4. Biology and Biological Sciences
5. Education
6. English Language and Literature
7. Economics
8. Communications Studies, Speech Communication and Rhetoric
9. Political Science and Government
10. Computer and Information Sciences

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Some highlights:

Business Administration, Economics

Students who want to major in business generally need to apply to a specific school within a university. Penn has the Wharton School, Delaware has the Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics, and so on. While business administration and management may be the most popular majors, undergraduate business schools have plenty of other options, including finance, entrepreneurship and accounting. 

If you aren’t completely certain you want to pursue business, you can always apply to a school of arts and sciences, and explore economics. Keep in mind: Transferring into the business school as an undergrad is often difficult, but there’s always graduate school for students who want an MBA.

Biology and Biological Sciences, Psychology

Most every college has some form of biology and psychology majors housed in its school of arts and sciences. Many students see these majors as the launching points to a graduate degree, from PhDs to MDs. Undergrads should take advantage of research opportunities during the school year and over the summer. Often, there are departments on campus to connect students to research positions.

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English Language and Literature, Political Science and Government

A staple on the liberal arts side, English is considered an especially safe choice for uncertain students—and not every political science major winds up on Capitol Hill. For many, both are a rite of passageto law school or a master’s degree. Even so, don’t be afraid to select “undecided” as a first-choice major. You won’t be penalized in admissions pools.

Nursing, Computer and Informational Sciences

Like business students, students who want to pursue careers in these areas will have to apply to a separate school within a university—and not every college offers these programs to undergrads. 

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