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The New Rules for Dating


Cashmere. Tom Hanks. Termini cannoli. Some things stand the test of time.

Most, though, need a refresh to stay relevant.

In 1958, McCall’s published “129 Ways to Get a Husband,” in which the magazine had 16 people share their strategies. Obviously, that was a completely different time. Today, women are better equipped than they were 60 years ago. They own credit cards in their own name. They can report workplace sexual harassment without fear of repercussions. And they have decidedly more freedom to express wit and sarcasm.

You may not be able to rewrite history, but you can make a few modern-day adjustments to update it. Take these examples:

Then: “Carry a camera and ask a man to take your picture.”
Now: Hold your phone at a certain angle to accentuate your face or other body parts. Send images to a group. See who replies first.

Then: “Go on a diet.”
Now: Embark on a juice cleanse.

Then: “Find out about the girls he hasn’t married.”
Now: Go at least two years deep on his exes’ social media profiles.

Then: “Learn to play poker.”
Now: Learn to play Red Dead Redemption.

Then: “Clip and mail him funny cartoons that mean something to both of you.”
Now: Text him memes.

Then: Sit on a park bench and feed the pigeons.
Now: Sit in Starbucks with your laptop. (Maybe he’ll need to borrow a charger.)

Then: “Make a lot of money.”
Now: Launch a startup. Make a lot of money.

Then: “Get a sunburn.”
Now: Get a sun-kissed fake bake.

Then: “Make and sell toupees. Bald men are an easy catch.”
Now: Set up a food truck in a busy area. Hungry men are an easy catch.

Then: “Get a dog and walk it.”
Now: The McCall’s article’s top suggestion—and a timeless one at that.

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