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The MLT Staff’s New Years Resolutions


We all know how much credence most folks put in New Year’s resolutions. But they can be a good motivator for some of us—not to mention a fun way to officially acknowledge one’s bad habits and neglected projects. Hopefully, the advice offered by local experts in our “Personal Best” cover story will help get you started.

I’ll be kicking off my 2017 with by tackling a lingering list of home upgrades, including new stain-resistant carpeting in our sunroom (we have dogs), a runner for the stairs (said dogs also have trouble negotiating our slippery hardwood steps), fresh paint and new fixtures in the bathroom, and a revamped third bedroom. I’m confident I’ll knock out at least half of that by next winter. 

Here’s what my MLT colleagues have planned for 2017:

Publisher JB Braun: “When the infamous Dean O’Martin—the redheaded Jack Russell terrier and official MLT office mascot—was much younger, it was not uncommon for me to walk with him 25 miles a week. As we’ve both grown older, those walks have decreased in distance and frequency. It’s clear that, just because the long walks aren’t good for his nine-year-old—63 in dog years—seven-inch legs, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t still be walking 20-30 miles a week. My resolution is to get back to that, sans Mr. O’Martin.”

Contributing Editor Tara Behan: “With Baby No. 2 due at the beginning of next month, my sole resolution for 2017 is to keep my sanity with a newborn and a rambunctious toddler … Oh, and fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans before 2018.”

Associate Editor Melissa Jacobs: “Less takeout, more cooking. Less Netflix, more reading. Stop commenting on my boyfriend’s intake of sugar, sodium and fat—I’m told that’s annoying. Order prints of all the photos on my phone. Travel to one state that I haven’t yet—I’m currently considering Montana, Utah and North Dakota. Volunteer for one more charitable or community-based organization.” 

Assistant Editor Lisa Dukart: “Every year, I set a reading goal for myself, with the aim of finishing one more book than I did the prior year. It encourages me to put the remote down and turn my gaze away from the computer.” 

Creative Director Cristela Tschumy: “Be more organized. Learn something new. Get in shape and eat healthier.”

Digital Editor Kelly Lyons: “After coming down from my runner’s high when I completed my first 10K in October, I signed up to run a half-marathon in March. Every morning, I wake up at 6 a.m., bundle up in my brightest, warmest gear, and head out for a run. I’ve never exactly been known for my speed. For me, it’s more about building up my stamina, determination and confidence—and, of course, the free beer.” 

Have a happy and productive New Year.

Hobart Rowland

Hobart Rowland

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