The Main Line Defined

What does it mean to be a true Main Liner? We examine geography, regional businesses and personalities, railroad history and more.

How you define the Main Line has a lot to do with where you came from, where you live now, and perhaps even where you are at the moment. Local historians and community leaders have their own ideas, of course. The same goes for the various businesses that have co-opted the term—and the status implied therein—in some shape or form. Here, we celebrate the region in all its amorphous glory, reveling in the historicalminutiae, the sketchy geography, and the ceaseless debate over what it means to be a true Main Liner.


Sense of Place

The Real Main Line

Branding Snapshots

The Main Line Reimagined

The Main Line Debate:
MLT Readers Sound Off

Current and Former Main Liners
Weigh In Opinions


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