The Growing Popularity of Lacrosse

Though editor Hobart Rowland never picked up the sport, he understands its value—and draw—throughout the Main Line.

I was about 12 when I bought my first—and last—lacrosse stick. I couldn’t tell you where it is now. Of all the sports I tried  as a kid, lax was the one that left me the most befuddled. I couldn’t grasp its nuances—that uncanny balance of aggression and skill.

I’m hardly alone. There are plenty of people around the country who know little to nothing about lacrosse. “When I was a freshman at the University of Michigan, I was watching a lacrosse game on ESPN in my dorm’s lounge, and a guy who’d grown up in the Midwest came in and asked, ‘What’s this?’ I couldn’t believe that someone didn’t know what it was,” says Michael Bradley, who authored this month’s cover story on the enormous cachet the sport enjoys in our area. “And while lacrosse has become more popular all over the nation, it remains a staple of our spring sports scene.”

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In fact, its local popularity is growing. “Thanks to great coaching and tremendous youth and club programs, high-school lacrosse is better here than just about anywhere else in America,” Bradley says.

A sports guy by trade who blogs for MLT under the El Hombre pseudonym, Bradley approached the assignment as a learning experience. “It allowed me to see why lacrosse is so popular—and played so well—around here,” he says. “It also allowed me to debunk some of the stereotypes about players that are propagated by people who aren’t serious about the sport, not to mention those who have little to no knowledge about it.”

Indeed, the uninitiated will learn a lot from Bradley’s well-researched piece. 

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