4 Worthwhile Ways to Tackle Boredom From a Main Line Expert

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Forgo the social media scrolling and opt for these four more constructive alternatives to avoid boredom and prioritize self-care.

More and more people come into my therapy practice saying, “I’m bored all the time. All I do is constantly check my phone for texts and emails and scroll social media. It makes me think my life is so boring.”

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Adobe Stock by Damir Khabirov

Boredom is ubiquitous. It’s part of being human. When we’re bored, we feel sluggish, uninspired, weary, apathetic. Chronic boredom can be a symptom of unresolved anger, depression, grief, anxiety and other deeper issues. Take a moment to ask yourself, “Am I using social media or technology to medicate my negative feelings? Am I using it to avoid confronting an upsetting situation in my current life? Do I feel stuck in an unhappy relationship or an unfulfilling career?”

For many of us, our computer addiction is real. The attachment to our screens significantly inhibits our interpersonal growth and ability to live a rich and purposeful life. Painful emotions are signals telling us something is wrong. When we avoid them, we miss the opportunity to affect changes in our lives.

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In all my years in practice, I’ve never seen problems simply disappear without the hard work of self-examination. In short, we can’t heal what we don’t feel. Cultivating self-awareness can help address the ups and downs of life skillfully, as opposed to destructively. Here are four ways to help you move forward when you feel bored.

  1. Do at least one thing you enjoy every day. This brings new and positive energy into our lives and keeps boredom at bay.
  2. Give yourself permission to feel bored at times. Remind yourself that boredom is normal from time to time. Being self-critical or chastising yourself will only make it harder to get unstuck. Often, the more we resist an emotion or a thought, the stronger it becomes. Work on being kinder and gentler with yourself.
  3. Do something outside your comfort zone. Figure out the things that fear and self-doubt have prevented you from trying. Make a conscious effort to do what gives you a deep sense of joy and excitement.
  4.  Start a feelings journal. It’s a good way to identify destructive patterns, and it helps reinforce our understanding that feelings like boredom are a part of life.

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