Sweet Endings

What’s a meal without liquor-infused cake or herb-flavored chocolate to finish things off?

» Full Spirited Flavours: If I ever actually watched television, I wouldn’t have been behind the 8-ball on this little tidbit. But, alas, I’m not one for sitting down for too long—unless I’m eating! Perhaps you caught these lovely ladies on cooking shows like the Food Network’s Rachael Ray or, more locally, on The 10! Show. But, if not, allow me to introduce them …

Some of Full Circle Flavors' "Prosperity Cakes."This fabulous trio is made up of sisters—Kathy, Sue and Carole—who all worked in different careers and came together for a new adventure as dessert artisans and spreaders of good cheer. Though under the radar for quite some time, these full-spirited gals have been turning heads—well, rather, taste buds—with their addictive confections, marketed under the Full Circle Flavors label. Made with different types of liquor, their “Prosperity Cakes” use popular spirits like raspberry liqueur, coconut rum, amaretto and limoncello to jazz up their rich, buttery, moist cakes.

They sell them in the Farmers Market in Wayne, while Limoncello in West Chester serves them for dessert. Just recently, all of the Nudy’s started featuring them as their only desserts. This fall, UpHome in Malvern will also sell them.

For more info, visit

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» Éclat Chocolate: As if this chocolate shop doesn’t have enough naughty confections to tempt chocoholics, owner Chris Curtin sent me an e-mail touting his newest indulgences, Happy Cat Organic Bars, a collaboration with Happy Cat Farm owner Tim Mountz. This line of organic chocolate bars is made with basil, rosemary, lavender and lemon verbena—all herbs cultivated on the grounds of du Pont’s historic Winterthur Estate.

A CUZ Toasted Corn chocolate barI’m drooling just thinking about the rosemary bars, but maybe not as much as the “Chocolate Obsession” bars—especially the ALP Aleppo Chile & Pink Peppercorn bar. And the selection just got even more decadent with the introduction of Curtin’s CUZ Toasted Corn chocolate bar. The toasted corn bar is labeled “CUZ” for the variety of toasted corn originally from Cuzco, Peru. Other flavors use Pennsylvania Dutch pretzels from Philadelphia, cacao nibs from Belgium, caramelized hazelnuts from Spain, and wasabi peas from Japan. Clearly, he’s got a vivid imagination when it comes to what turns chocolate lovers’ taste buds on.

At $7.50 for a 3-ounce bar, these chocolate concoctions put a whole new meaning on the word sinful. But if you’re going to live like a heathen, you might as well do it in gastronomic style!

For more info, visit eclatchocolate.com.

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