Susan Noles on The Golden Bachelor and Her New Podcast

The Aston native and former contestant on The Golden Bachelor dishes on the show and her search for love.

When Susan Noles stepped out of the limo on that fateful night of The Golden Bachelor’s inaugural season, she told lead Gerry Turner, “I’m going to marry you!” And she did … in a way. This past January, the Aston native officiated the Golden Wedding between Turner and fellow contestant Theresa Nist. Celebrating her new podcast Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour, cohosted with fan favorite Kathy Swarts, Noles shares her thoughts on love, friendship and her newfound nationwide fame.

MLT: Why do you think The Golden Bachelor was so wildly popular?

SN: Because we hit a different age bracket. The main part of it for me was reaching out to women our age and saying, “It’s not over.” It’s never too late to find love, even if it’s a girlfriend in friendship. The show made me love myself again.

MLT: You didn’t end up with Gerry, but you seemed to have built a great friendship with him.

SN: Gerry and I hit it off right from the start—in a friend zone. He kept me until the last minute because I made him laugh. I had his back when he would cry during the rose ceremony. I really think people felt that.

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MLT: It takes some courage to put yourself out there on national television. How did you end up on the show?

SN: My girlfriend called me and said, “Oh my gosh, Susan, you have to fill out this application. They’re having an old-people dating show.” I filled it out, and last March I got a phone call. The whole process from there on was crazy. What a life change!

Susan Noles
Susan Noles. Photo by Ed Williams

MLT: Are you still looking for love?

SN: I most definitely am. My podcast just came out, and Kathy and I share that we’re open. I’ve said in I don’t know how many interviews that I used to believe I was a woman who needed a man. Now I know I’m a woman a man needs. I do feel that there is somebody out there for me.

MLT: Speaking of the podcast, what can listeners expect?

SN: Kathy and I are night-and-day opposites, but our banter is so perfect. I really want to reach people who think their chapter is over. To me, this is the best chapter. You’ve got to get up and enjoy your life. Start living again. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

MLT: The Golden Bachelorette is coming. Your thoughts?

SN: I think it’s going to be a hard act to follow because our show was so successful. I’m definitely available though. You haven’t seen the last of me!

Follow along on Instagram @thesusannoles.

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