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Surviving the Singles Scene




  • Tighten privacy options on dating apps,  Facebook, Instagram and other social media.
  • Scrub social media of photos with your ex. Better yet, start all new accounts. 
  • Is there personal information on your company’s website? Remove references to your ex and children, the town in which you live, and where your kids go to school.
  • Beware of prostitutes who have profiles on dating apps. 
  • Get an Uber account. Don’t drink and drive, especially not with someone else in the car. 
  •  Never leave your phone unattended. 
  • Before you invite a woman into your home, clean it. Better yet, hire a professional service to clean the place weekly. 
  • Sending a timely “I don’t think we’re right for one another” text is better than risking the wrath of a disappointed date. 
  • Don’t take your first dates to the same bar. A well-intended greeting from a hostess could blow your game.
  • Google men before you meet in person. Confirm details they’ve shared, like jobs and the towns in which they live. 
  • Photos on your dating profile shouldn’t include kids. Men may want to show off their children. Women think it’s creepy. 
  • Instead of trashing your ex, talk about what you learned from the relationship. Or what attracted you in the first place. 
  • If you post nearly nude selfies, you’ll attract men who expect to see you that way. 
  • Don’t lower your standards, but do expand your search criteria. 
  • Before you invite a man into your home, lock away jewelry, handbags and other valuables. 
  • Don’t “friend” a man on Facebook too early in the relationship—and certainly not after just one date. 
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