Staff Picks: “Jim Boggia Live: Ample Seating Available”

PLUS: A River Again: The Story of the Schuylkill River Project and Main Liners: Vortex of Secrets.

Jim Boggia Live: Ample Seating Available

Jim Boggia (self-released)

This veteran singer/songwriter offers exceedingly clever retro-pop solace for those of us who still remember the sound of a needle on vinyl. And the truth is, he’s got more fans than the title of his new live album lets on. I certainly hear more than five people clapping as Boggia storms through stage versions of some of his finest recorded moments with an 11-piece band at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. Other more intimate tracks were culled from shows at the Living Room in New York City and a duo performance with keyboard wiz Mike Frank in Hoboken, N.J. Visit

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A River Again: The Story of the Schuylkill River Project

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By Chari Towne
(Delaware Riverkeeper Network, 217 pages)

We drink from it, we kayak it, we photograph it. But as precious a resource as it is, the Schuylkill River sure has a dirty rep. A 1984 Olympic rower, Towne is the Delaware Riverkeeper Network’s Schuylkill Watershed specialist and is working to wipe out that perception. She tells the intriguing story of how a waterway revered for its purity was nearly destroyed by the Industrial Revolution, only to recover through the first major government-funded cleanup. A great read for Schuylkill lovers—and haters—alike. Visit

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Main Liners: Vortex of Secrets

Barbara K. Clement
(Kay Square Press, 305 pages)

With all the melodrama, enticing secrets and unexpected twists in Clement’s latest installment of her Main Liners mystery series, it’s no wonder the Lifetime channel has expressed interest in developing a show. If you haven’t read the last two, you won’t be at a loss before diving into Vortex, which follows the tumultuous journey of two aging sisters. “Even the most hidden skeletons in the family cupboard come out—or at least they do in my books,” says the Berwyn-based writer, who’s now working on books four and five. Available at

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