Enhance Your Main Line Garden With These 5 Spring Flowers

Add color to your garden with flowers that bloom throughout the season, bringing your backyard to life.

Ready to spruce up your garden? These spring flowers will brighten your yard in an instant and make you the envy of your neighbors around the Main Line region. Before you pick and choose the plants for your garden, read up on bloom times and care requirements for each so you’re ready to help your buds flower and grow to their full potential.

1. Calla Lilies

With their elegant fluted shape and vibrant greens, calla lilies typically start blooming in May under the warmth of the full sun or minimal shade. Plant these perennials in a container, store them and they’ll bloom again for years.

calla lillies
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2. Peonies

Though their spring flowers are fleeting—most lasting up to 10 days—peonies are a visual treat in mid-April, May and June. The bright pops of color are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Though not natively found on the East Coast, peonies grow well in Main Line soil.

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3. Lilacs

For a splash of fluffy purple, plant a lilac bush. The blooms come around May. Plus, who doesn’t love the scent of lilacs in the garden? While lilacs are mainly purple, some varieties can be found in whites, creams and even pinks. These spring flowers are a favorite of pollinators like wild bees and butterflies.

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4. Freesias

Delicate layers of petals in white, blue, pink, yellow and purple make freesias a welcome multicolored pop in the garden come May. These flowers are ideal for spring, since their soft hues pair with the pastels of the season perfectly.

Adobe Stock / Michele Ursi

5. Snapdragons

The first snapdragons of the season usually begin appearing in mid-April, their bell-shaped stalks adding height and texture to Main Line area gardens.

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