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5 Spring Flowers to Enhance Your Garden

A lilac bush. // Adobe Stock Photo. 

1. Calla Lilies

With their elegant fluted shape and vibrant greens, calla lilies typically start blooming in May. Plant these perennials in a container, store them, and they’ll bloom again for years.

Calla Lilies. // Adobe Stock Photo.

2. Peonies

Though their flowers are fleeting—most lasting up to 10 days—peonies are a visual treat in mid-April,
May and June.

Peonies. // Adobe Stock Photo.

3. Lilacs

For a splash of fluffy purple, plant a lilac bush. The blooms come around May.

Lilacs. // Adobe Stock Photo.

4. Freesias

Delicate layers of petals in white, blue, pink, yellow and purple make freesias a welcome multicolored pop in the garden come May.

Freesias. // Adobe Stock Photo.

5. Snapdragons

The first snapdragons of the season usually begin appearing in mid-April, their bell-shaped stalks adding height and texture.

Snapdragons. // Adobe Stock Photo.