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Ever Wonder When Fireworks Were Created?


BIG BANG THEORY A fireworks timeline.

Sources: The History Channel, American Pyrotechnics Association 

206-220 B.C. The Chinese create natural fireworks out of roasted bamboo.

600-900 B.C. Gunpowder is invented by  the Chinese, who stuff it into bamboo shoots and throw it into pits, creating fireworks.

10th century The Chinese attach fireworks to arrows for use as weapons.

12th century Aerial launching  creates the first fireworks display.

13th century Crusaders bring  gunpowder to Europe and Middle East.

1486 England’s first fireworks show, at the wedding of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.

1777 July 4 fireworks debut in the U.S.

1830s Italians add  color, sparks  and sunbursts  to fireworks.

2013 $940 million in fireworks is sold in the U.S.


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