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Now, here’s a topic I’ve never written about in the past: college care packages. But, just having sent my son out to Colorado, I’m suddenly all about shipping the love. Disregard the fact that I never sent my other two sons a camp care package (naturally, I did for my daughter), but that’s what they got for not writing their mother a letter!

Of course, if there weren’t so many locally made goodies to write about, I wouldn’t be so gung ho. And, I figure that even if you don’t have a kid in college—or even one under your roof—knowing where to get some sinfully rich baked treats is always a plus. Especially this time of year, when the weather is cooler and you’re not so obsessed with how that brownie or cupcake is going to look packaged in your bikini or short shorts. Well, swim trunks for the guys.

B.T. Baking's browniesOne of my favorite indulgences are the brownies from B.T. Baking (btbaking.com). The neat thing about them—aside from being organic and sans preservatives, trans fats and high fructose corn syrup—is that they come in nifty gift boxes that will make your collegiate kid feel very special. And, um, they taste good, too. The three staple flavors are B.T. Chocolate, The Cookie and The Peanut Butter. In about a month, The Pumpkin will hit—which, personally, the thought of makes my heart start to palpitate, especially when topped with a monster scoop of Häagen-Dazs caramel ice cream. Now, that’s decadence!

You can sample B.T.’s brownies around the Main Line at Newtown Square’s Burlap and Bean, but the easiest way to get a box to your son or daughter is via the website. The B.T. Brownie gift box will run you about $21, plus shipping, but it will be money well spent. Heck, I will do anything for a phone call.

If cupcakes are your kid’s thing, then Cupcakes Gourmet (cupcakesgourmet.com) is your place. There are as many flavors as there are to celebrate, so you’ll have a hard time choosing. I recommend the carrot (it will make you feel like your kid is eating right) and the peanut butter. But if you order them online, you might have to go with one of the collections, which are by no means chicken liver. In fact, the black-tie collection is insanely delectable and loaded with creamy ganache. The Classic Collection includes the Southern specialty, red velvet (cup)cake, which is a novelty for kids who have never tasted a piece before. This company also offers nice-looking gift boxes, so that special touch will get across.

The good news is your kid(s) will love opening a box of these goodies, and they won’t care whether you made them from scratch or not. The bad news is that their roommates will, too, and next time you’ll have to send double.

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