4 Trending Spa Treatments to Try Around the Main Line

Have you tried these spa treatments? Featured courtesy of Four Seasons Philadelphia.

From crystals to lymphatic drainage, these top treatments will make you sparkle from the inside out during your next Main Line area spa visit.

Averaging 21 square feet of coverage per typical adult, our skin needs constant and varied care throughout our lifespan. Throw in today’s many environmental stressors, and it’s no surprise that massages, facials and body therapy have become essential to so many. Four treatments options top SpaSeekers’ 2023 trends report. We fill you in on each.


The ancient Sumerians were the first to use crystals to reset their bodies. Minerals with highly ordered atoms, crystals help us stay in sync with nature’s energy. “They allow us to tap into ancient traditions of energetic connectivity to help us align with the intuitive self and counterbalance the hectic world we live in today,” says Rashia Bell, a certified crystal healer and intuitive coach.

Bell designed the Four Seasons Philadelphia’s 57th-floor spa, taking crystal therapy to the next level in the process. It’s more than the killer views of the city that make this spot unique. Some 700 crystals are embedded in the walls. “Stones delineate the different spaces energetically based on the functionality of the space,” says Bell. “It creates a foundation of positive energy for the unique experiences.”

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The spa at the Four Seasons Philadelphia offers luxurious treatments. Courtesy of Four Seasons Philadelphia.

Lymphatic Drainage

Ever notice bulging on the back of your ears or jowls? It’s most likely toxins built up in your lymphatic system. And those random upper back and underarm bulges? They could indicate heart issues. A type of medical massage, lymphatic drainage is a technique that targets the lymph nodes. It treats skin and body imbalances that can occur when you don’t get the regular moderate exercise—like moving and stretching—that benefits the lymphatic system.

Compressing and decompressing targeted areas rids the lymphatic system of toxins and excess liquid so the body reduces fat more easily, decreasing inflammation. “It’s the one system responsible for the elimination of toxins that cause autoimmune issues,” says Nicole Faulks of Corinne Aesthetics Studio in Ardmore. “It’s in 95% of almost every service I provide, because of the long-term benefits.”

An esthetician educator of 17 years, Faulks often treats post-operative clients recommended to her by doctors. She also educates other estheticians nationwide on integrative and holistic health. “If I can eliminate the toxins before the facial, I can reduce the puffiness or jowls,” she says. “They aren’t from loss of skin elasticity.”

In-spa services for lymphatic drainage are $125 and up for a single session. Multiple treatments are recommended to improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and eliminate body toxins from cancer treatments.

Light Therapy

“The fastest and easiest skin rejuvenation treatment is LED light therapy,” says Gina McDonald, founder of Skin Care Machines in West Chester. “It addresses skin issues like acne, scars, age spots, sun damage, wrinkles and more.”

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Light therapy uses LED to heat the skin and body. Aside from the obvious comfort, relaxation and pain relief that come from such warmth, light therapy detoxes the body, assists with weight loss and acne, boosts immunity, and helps wounds heal. It works just like sunlight, without any of the damaging properties. It’s safely used by hospitals to warm newborns. “Because it’s noninvasive, the experience is pleasant and calming,” McDonald says. “You can just close your eyes—although many salons offer eye protection. You won’t get a tan from LED.”


Far from a flash in the pan, gold has been used in masks since the days of Cleopatra. It supports your skin’s collagen production, provides anti-aging benefits, and reduces inflammation and redness. Products range from pure 24K gold to blends mixed with hyaluronic acid. Over-the-counter options are available online and in beauty stores.

Applied directly to the skin or in dainty under-eye patches, it can make for a refreshing 15-minute break anytime. Treat your skin or someone you love to this trending slice of heaven from the comfort of home or at the hands of a Main Line esthetician in our Salons & Spas Directory.

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