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Ask the Top Lawyer: Questions About Divorce? Our Expert Divorce Attorney Has the Answers

Q. What is “Brutally Honest” and How Has it Transformed Lives?

A. “Brutally Honest” is a three-phase, comprehensive process I created to apply to all of our cases. It is designed to assess the past, determine the client’s current objectives, and to develop a proactive plan to guide clients toward their goals and beyond. From the initial meeting, through the overall resolution of the case, we work vigorously to assist our clients in developing their goals, to ensure their rights are protected, and to make their voices heard.

With former custody client and friend, James Grim, I wrote the Brutally Honest Life Management Journal (©2009) which is a book engaging readers in a self-guided journey to reconnect with what matters most in their lives. This was followed by the Brutally Honest Guide to Sur-thriving Generation Now (©2019) and the Brutally Honest Pennsylvania Divorce & Custody Survival Guide, written to help readers involved in a divorce or custody dispute to visualize the path to a brighter future. An updated version of the book, re-titled as the Brutally Honest Pennsylvania Divorce, Custody & Financial Survival Guide (©2019), is available for free download at


“Brutally Honest” was designed to present clients with a radically different approach to navigating the world of family law. This world, so riddled with tension, anxiety, fear, and concern, needs to be approached differently than other areas of the law. The “Brutally Honest” system is my approach to doing just that.

Q. What is the LaMonaca Law Team Approach?

A. Our team approach is designed to create a “custom fit” that matches the client’s needs, wishes, budget and goals, with the attorney(s) and team members who can best address that client’s unique situation. No two cases are the same, and each client needs to be handled differently, based on the unique facts, circumstances, and goals of that particular case.

Being the largest dedicated family law firm in the area allows us to work more effectively than a firm with fewer members may be able to. Our team approach utilizes both in-house members and our network of outside professionals to become a part of the client’s team. Clients of LaMonaca Law will find their team comprised of members who are a match for them, their cases, and their specific needs and goals.

Q. What is Virtual LaMonaca Law and what steps have you taken to safeguard clients during COVID-19?

A. Virtual LaMonaca Law was created in 2019. When the Covid-19 crisis struck, we seamlessly transitioned to working remotely during the crisis, and have been fully staffed and operational throughout without interruption. With many decades of combined experience, we know what issues family lawyers face in the courtroom.  Combining this insight and experience with cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide our clients with a complete and unparalleled package from anywhere.

In response to COVID-19, we have implemented strict safety protocols and have added glass partitions to all meeting areas.  Anyone entering the building will first review a questionnaire regarding symptoms, and have their temperature taken.  All team members and visitors are required to wear masks when in the building, and we are constantly cleaning any areas where people have been throughout the day. Though we have gone to great efforts to make our offices as safe as possible, through Virtual LaMonaca Law, we are also equipped to meet with clients virtually.

Q. What are your specialty teams?

A. Our specialty teams consist of several members who add individualized and dynamic energy, passion, and experience to create a collectively greater result. Our specialty teams are:

Appellate Unit

Melissa Towsey Rich is the supervising attorney of the Appellate Unit, which is focused and practiced in pursuing family law appeals. While many attorneys handle various areas of the law within their practice, few venture into the world of appeals, as this area of the law is time-sensitive and driven by strict procedural requirements. Members of our Appellate Unit work hand-in-hand with our clients and with referring attorneys to provide the timely attention and detail needed to accomplish their appellate goals.

Forensic Support Team

Chief legal counsel Larry Welsh heads up the Forensic Support Team. Though long an important part of our firm in achieving goals and optimizing results for our clients, in the current climate, the resources and experience of our Forensic Support Team are more important than ever. This team focuses on the financial and economic aspects of divorce and support, and includes not only in-house team members, with their distinct and complementary abilities, but also a directory of outside experts in the areas of finance, accounting, appraisal and valuation, investigation and more.

Successfully resolving family law cases requires legal counsel who will recognize and work through what may be a fairly straight-forward and modest marital estate, or one that presents an extremely sophisticated and complex arrangement of the family’s financial affairs. Our Forensic Support Team helps clients and our fellow practitioners do just that: successfully resolve the economic and financial aspects of their family law cases.

Q. Why choose LaMonaca Law for all your Family Law needs?

A. At LaMonaca Law, we are proud that we have been able to assist clients with some of the most extreme cases that, frankly speaking, other firms avoid. We have helped clients who appear with emotional, psychological, physical and/or addictive conditions. At LaMonaca Law, we embrace the needs of our clients, and work diligently to assist them. We recognize that whether the client’s family law matter involves basic or complex problems, the client’s emotional needs and underlying condition must be addressed with care, compassion and empathy. We also have many connections, resources, and outside professionals to assist who can be added to the client’s “team.”

It is our mission at LaMonaca Law to provide extra value that goes well-beyond the basic representation a client may find at another firm. We do that with our unique, “Brutally Honest” system, our team approach, and the experience of our several, multiple-year award-winning “top attorneys.”

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