Sandy Van Doren

Poet Sandy Van Doren

Poet Sandy Van Doren, 67, Malvern

» Book on her night stand: I have about 25 books on my night stand and I’m between those right now. A book I’m reading that isn’t on my night stand is Joseph Campbell’s Occidental Mythology. It’s about the art, worship and literature of the Western world.

» iPod tunes on repeat: Not to sound egotistical, but instead of listening to music, I like to sing. My favorite song would be anything by Roger Quilter; he’s English and writes songs about art. I’d sing anything by him.

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» Restaurant of the hour: There are really wonderful restaurants in Malvern. Hmm. I’m not sure which one to pick. We go to Anthony’s a lot and really enjoy that, so why not give them a plug.

» One thing she knows for sure: Death and taxes will always be with us. It’s not very original, but it’s true.

» Very own vici: My wonderful long-term marriage of 47 ½ years.

» Zen destination: Anywhere I can be by myself. It doesn’t need to be anywhere exotic; I like being at home best.

» If she had an extra hour each day, she would: Read. I really enjoy reading.

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» Pet peeve: I’m not really sure. I guess the one thing I can’t stand is hypocrisy.

» Life view: chance or fate? I don’t think I can answer that. I know it’s such a simple question, but it requires a complicated answer that I don’t have.

» Favorite poem she’s written: I really like to write and have written a lot of poems. I don’t think I have a favorite.

» Most marked characteristic: I’d like to think I have a great sense of humor.

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