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Rob Peters of Ardmore Wine & Spirits Explains Why Boxed Wines are Here to Stay


Ladies, you can now stop clutching your pearls—especially if you like a nice white with dinner. It appears box wines are here to stay. These days, a sleeker presentation houses high-quality varietals. “The perception is that the bag-in-a-box options are all poor quality,” says Rob Peters, a resident expert at Ardmore Wine & Spirits. “And these are the same people who said that screw-capped wines can’t be any good.”

Not only are they top-notch, but they stay that way. Rather than letting air creep in, a special valve allows you to fill up without the damaging the goods, since the bag collapses around the wine as it’s drawn out. White wines maintain their fruit and acid components exceptionally well in these vessels. Peters suggests the Black Box varieties for your next dinner party.

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