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Removable Wall Décor: Keith Leaphart's Replica Creative


Keith Leaphart’s son really likes sports. So when it came time to decorate his Overbrook Farms bedroom, the theme had to be football and basketball—with a few superheroes for good measure. After a while, of course, he’ll want to change things. And that’s fine with his dad.

Leaphart owns Philadelphia’s Replica Creative, which is now producing removable custom wall graphics. His team digitally prints an image directly onto a unique fabric-based material that can be applied to any wall. “I like to describe it as a Post-it on steroids,” says Leaphart. “Any image, any size—it’s really only limited by your imagination.”

After giving it a try in commercial spaces, Leaphart was convinced the product would be great for the home as well. One of the main draws for clients is the easy removal process, with zero damage to walls. No glue or tape is involved, either. 

Replica Creative recently finished an installation at former Philadelphia 76er Aaron McKie’s home in Gladwyne, where a picture from a family vacation is now displayed on the home’s main-staircase wall. The possibilities are endless: baby photos in nurseries, beach scenes in living rooms, wedding portraits in master bedrooms. One potential client wants to transform his man cave into the Phillies’ locker room. “The graphics make such a visual impact,” Leaphart says. “It’s an easy way to say a lot about your sense of style.”

Custom graphics can replace murals, decorative painting or even wallpaper—and prices are reasonable, ranging from $50 to $1,000, depending on the size of the job.

Visit replicacreative.com

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