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Readers Sound off on Wegmans



Winnie the Pooh vs. 4G

This might be my favorite piece Katie Bambi-Kohler has written. I have four kids, and my husband and I make a conscientious effort not to overschedule them—or to entertain them, either. I’m not raising them as their cruise director; I’m a parent. Studies show that kids need time for free, creative play. 

We have time limits for electronic device usage, and we set realistic expectations about how each of us will function during a long family outing. The downtime helps them appreciate the fun stuff. 

Or maybe we have it all wrong, and my kids will grow up to sit on a therapist’s couch somewhere, complaining that I was minimalistic and I forced independence on them. No parent is perfect, but I have to go with my gut on this one.

Amy Cagliola Smith


The Wegmans Effect

I am not a fan of Wegmans. I find it expensive, and I leave agitated. Plus, I don’t see the quality everyone screams about from the mountaintops.

Michelle Skully Tomm

I don’t understand what everyone sees in Wegmans. The cheese is more expensive than it is at Whole Foods, prepared foods aren’t that great, and the flowers are nondescript.  

Anna Sicalides

You have to research the prices. Seafood is expensive, but poultry and other items are competitive. 

Theresa Banks

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