Readers Respond to the 2016 Shore Guide

Plus, your concerns about Zika.


2016 Shore Guide

Although the renovations look beautiful, my family and I will never be able to afford to stay at the Golden Inn again. We used to come down for weekend specials all the time. Avalon and Stone Harbor used to be wonderful, affordable, family-friendly places to vacation, but now they’ve priced out the average family. 

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Lynne Baycora

We just spent two wonderful nights at the Icona Diamond Beach. We took a drive to Avalon on our way home to look at the new Icona Golden Inn. It is gorgeous, and we look forward to spending our next getaway there.

Kathryn Berry Pykosz

Bugged Out

It is true that, as far as we know, most people will suffer no serious health consequences from the Zika virus. But if an infected person is bitten by a mosquito, that mosquito can then transfer the virus to a pregnant woman. So, the more infected people in a community, the more mosquitoes there will be carrying the virus, and the greater the chance a pregnant woman will become infected. A person has just to look at the latest statistics from Puerto Rico or South America to see how this works. 

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If the general population cares about the pregnant women in their community, then they should be worried about Zika.

Liz Harper

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