Readers Respond to ‘Shelter Chic’

Controversy surrounds the CCSPCA and its adoption procedures.

VIA email …

Gimme Shelter

I’ve read “Shelter Chic” (May 2015) and would like you to be aware of my adoption experience at the Chester County SPCA last November.

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In short, I found a young female dog online using their website on Nov. 22, went to the shelter on Nov. 23, and basically walked out with my dog. The only real question I was asked was, “How will you be paying today?”

No formal applications, no counseling, no one questioned my completed application. I rent and do not have a fenced-in yard. Not one person asked me if I was even allowed to have pets.

I have so many issues with this experience and the facts in your article. I have compassion for animals and am hoping to make a difference for those still waiting to be adopted by caring, loving families—not just anyone who walks through the door. 

Donna Bonsall, West Chester

Editor’s Note

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Soon after our “Shelter Chic” feature ran in May, we received a number of emails and phone calls from pet owners and former volunteers at the Chester County SPCA, claiming that adoption procedures there are not as stringent as those described in the story. We’ve since been informed that the CCSPCA is in the midst of revising its adoption process—a fact that’s now reflected in the online version of the article. 

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