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Readers Respond to our Education Guide



Teched-Out Schools

Technology is destroying the minds and emotional lives of children. A recent study by MIT showed that students using computers did 18 percent lower in scores than students without. Memory and brain development are improved when students write notes, rather than use computers. 

Morris Davidson

Rail Progress

I am one of the many homeowners who is opposed to—and are at risk of losing their homes—due to the proposed King of Prussia rail extension. I’d like to mention a fact omitted from the article. Out of the 28,000 surveys SEPTA mailed to the residents of King of Prussia in 2015, less than 1,000 were returned—987, to be exact. And out of the 987 that were returned, only 385 were responses from Upper Merion Township residents. 

These figures came directly from SEPTA, which based its 67-percent project-approval rating on the opinion of only 385 township residents. How do these figures show a fair representation? They don’t. 

Gina Scandone

MLTJ: San Juan Islands

Thanks for this fun snapshot of the high points of visiting the islands. There are lots more by bike or kayak. 

Barbara Marrett