Readers Respond to MLT’s Police Cover Story

Some were enthused while others held opposing views about the March feature.


Black and Blue

How narrow-minded is Megan Murray to make a cumulative assumption that police are racist for endorsing a political candidate? It’s an immature thought process.

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All the while, Murray supports the hypocritical racist hate group Black Lives Matter, which was founded on a lie. It disturbs me to see young people thinking this way. More disturbing is a young person inciting riotous behavior in a Pennsylvania community, then enjoying a privileged education in Europe. Disgraceful. 

My family and I stand with law enforcement. They don’t receive enough credit for what they do. It’s a dangerous job, and they deserve far better. We want them to be safe; we thank them; and we have their backs if they need us.

Joseph Worley 

I’m outraged by your presentation of the “Black and Blue” article. One page has a message in huge, bold letters that easily takes up one quarter of the space. It states, “Cops Are Racist. End Police Brutality.” Then you go on to elaborately demonstrate the real side of police work. But nothing of that part was ever put in bold. 

I think you owe the police a true apology—especially the police you accompanied on several calls and wrote so positively about. If not, then write whatever you believe this statement represents—and not an article that explains the truth about officers who put their lives on the line every day.

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Dorothy Lee 

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