Chester Springs’ Rahul Rao Is the Co-Founder of H2O for Everyone

Co-founder, H2O For Everyone

19, Chester Springs

By Lisa Dukart

The World Health Organization reports that 785 million people around the globe lack basic services to deliver clean drinking water, with an estimated 2 billion relying on contaminated sources. Rahul Rao experienced the issue first-hand during family trips to China and India. It was enough to inspire him and his brother, Rohan, to create H2O for Everyone. “When we were in these countries, we realized that water is not exactly as accessible as it is here,” says Rao, a rising sophomore at Dartmouth College.

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Through H2O for Everyone, the brothers are focused on fundraising and education, especially for younger people unfamiliar with the water crisis. “Our intention is to bring enough awareness that it inspires people to change,” Rao says.

Action plans include everything from conserving the water we use daily to donating to organizations building wells for communities in need. “We’re trying to partner with larger [non-government water organizations] and nonprofits that have the resources and accessibility to places plagued by problems,” says Rao.

H2O for Everyone’s current goal is raising $5,000 for an organization building a well in Africa that would produce fresh drinking water for as many as 200 people for up to two decades. “That small amount of money can have such a huge impact on a community for such a long time,” says Rao. “We want to help make a difference wherever we can.”

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