Q&A: Eastcote Lane’s Teresa Decker

The Devon designer shares her home décor advice.

Photo by Tessa Marie Images

Personal decorating style: I just pick things I love. In the shop, I blend vintage, modern, industrial, traditional and edgy all the time. 

Favorite room in her house: Bedrooms are personal sanctuaries and sacred space. 

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Most prized possession: I have an old metal steamer trunk that I’ve had since I was about 15. My brother lined it in a royal-purple fabric, and it holds all my old photo albums and cherished keepsakes. 

Designer who inspires her: To pick one would really be impossible. There’s inspiration everywhere if your eyes are open. 

Favorite design advice: Think outside the box. Be unusual. Reimagine what you already have. Consider repurposing. You wouldn’t believe the transformations you can make, the money you can save and the unique feel you can bring to your home—all by just reimagining some of the things you already own.

Color she couldn’t design without: I can’t live in a world without black. Every room needs at least one black piece.

Design element she loves to incorporate: Vintage details. Even in the most modern rooms, it brings character and charm.   

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Her definition of good taste: Knowing what you like and what your senses respond to, and surrounding yourself—and everyone around you—with those things.

Best part of her job: My dream comes true every time I open the door to my shop. I do what I love to do. I’m inspired every day by the artists with whom I share my space, and people tell me they are inspired as they leave us. 

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