Q&A: ZAC Foundation’s Megan Ferraro

The recently appointed executive director shares what she’s passionate about.


As the recently appointed executive director of the ZAC Foundation, West Chester’s Megan Ferraro is helping save lives. Dedicated to water-safety education, the national organization has educated 10,000 children through camps and other programming.

Megan Ferraro’s Five Favorites

1. Restaurant Alba. “It’s a great date-night spot. The Pennsylvania trout is a favorite on the menu.”

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2. Margate, N.J. “It’s a great getaway. We go to the beach and visit Lucy the Elephant.”

3. East Goshen Park. “I like to run there.”

4. Champagne. “In addition to working full time, my husband is in graduate school. So, after a long week, he likes to bring home a bottle.”

5. Posh Collections. “I like to splurge on a great wrap dress.”

MLT: What made you so passionate about the ZAC Foundation?

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MF: I was pregnant with my first child when I first started working with Karen and Brian Cohn, so it really governed the way I thought about water safety and safety in general within my own family. I’ve been consulting with the ZAC foundation for the eight years, so when the position for executive director became available, it was a great fit for both me and the foundation.

MLT: How does the foundation spread its mission?

MF: We have a children’s book that speaks directly to children, parents and caregivers called The ABC and D’s of Water Safety. A is for adults, B is for barriers, C is for classes and D is for drains. It’s about a polar bear and his adventurous journey towards learning how to swim. The book teaches children, as well as parents, vital swimming safety lessons. Families can also gain new safety tips and get involved through our ZAC camps, which are spread all around the country.

MLT: Why do you think water safety is so frequently overlooked?

MF: We talk a lot of car seat safety and fire safety, but we don’t spend a lot of time talking about water safety—whether it’s in the bathtub, the pool, the ocean—because it’s seen as a fun activity. And it is, but it can also be dangerous if not practiced safely.

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MLT: What is one tip you would offer on water safety?

MF: The main water a safety tip important to our family is the A: an adult must always be present when you are swimming. They must be present, looking at the surface of the water at all times, and not on their phone. Drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages one to four. 

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