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Q&A: Wayne's David Sorin on Staying Relevant in the Job Market

Continued from staffing expert Kenny Dubin.

The turbulent economy has meant relative job security for David Sorin, CEO of Management Mpowerment Associates in Wayne. A lawyer and entrepreneur himself, Sorin launched his management-consulting group with the intention of helping people and businesses get the results they desire. Sorin offers his tips on how to stay relevant in today’s job market.

• Act your age (sort of).
What does it mean to stay relevant? “It really means not letting your age be an indicator of a difference between you and those who you want to do business with,” says Sorin. “Our ideas need to be relevant to those with whom we want to interact.”

• Be a forward thinker.
What do you do next after a layoff? “Many boomers never thought there would be a next, so they never gave it a thought,” says Sorin. “The younger generations always assume there’s going to be a next, and are willing to embrace that. People need to be willing to participate in a period of self-assessment and honestly look at finding out where they bring value.”

• Branch out.
And, if you can, be an industry expert in your field. “Be well networked and have connections outside your own company,” says Sorin. “It’s critical to have a network and a group of alliances in business today.”

• Log on.
“Any business person needs to be on LinkedIn,” says Sorin. “Learn how to use it to your best advantage.”

• Be flexible.
A 9-5, 40-hour workweek may not be what’s offered in a new job. “A lot of people are using consultants and independent contractors, or offering part-time assignments,” says Sorin.

To learn more, visit managementmpowerment.com.

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