Q&A: Bryn Mawr's Allison Bishof

The brain tumor survivor was recently raised nearly $40,000 for the Brain Tumor Society 2012 Race For Hope, making her the nation’s top fundraiser for this event.

Allison Bishof, 47, Bryn Mawr
Top individual fundraiser for the National Brain Tumor Society’s 2012 Race for Hope*

Coolest thing about her experience: I got to meet a lot of fascinating people who, like me, are brain-tumor survivors.

The last thing she read: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell. 

The last thing she ate that she loved: An amazing cassoulet at A la Maison in Ardmore

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Role model: I really admire Beth Ann Telford. She is also a brain-tumor survivor, and in this past year, she completed the Kona Ironman Competition in Hawaii. 

What she likes most about herself: The fact that I can relate to a lot of different people. I’m shy, but I’m able to communicate with people on their level. 

What she loves most in others: I appreciate that, no matter what people’s conditions are in life, we all share the gift of humor. 

Words to live by: Time flies when you’re in a coma. Don’t take life for granted, especially with a brain tumor. You have to get out there and do what you have to do.

* Bishof raised $38,677 on her own. Her team, Allison’s NumbSkulls, collected $43,250.

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