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Q&A: Local Fashionista Cait Carr Vogel


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About Salt Water Chic:

I started blogging after I was done planning my wedding. I’d always considered myself a fashionista. I talked to some of my girlfriends at the time, and they really encouraged me to start it. I had no idea what I was doing, but I just kept moving forward.

Personal Style:

I was down the Shore, and one of my guy friends described my style as “saltwater chic.” It just kind of stuck.

Favorite Item in her Closet:

Jeans from Free People. I wear a lot of skirts and dresses, but I love these jeans. They’re completely destroyed denim, but I’ll wear them through every season.

Favorite Splurge:

I’ll buy myself a great pair of shoes to wear all the time.

Shopping Online vs. In Store:

I’ve always been an online shopper. It’s so easy. I love the platform LikeToKnowIt because it’s great when you’re trying to figure out how to style specific pieces.

How She Styles In-Person and Online:

My style is pretty similar. I’ve learned to layer. I start with simple pieces like dresses or T-shirts and mix them together to create something different.

Balancing QVC and Blogging:

I spend my workweek doing work. At night, I work on my Instagram posts. I do most of my shoots on the weekends and try to give myself at least one or two weekends off a month. I say it’s my side job, but it’s really another full-time job. It’s something I’m passionate about, so I really make the time to do it.

Transitioning Summer Trends Into Fall:

I wear booties all year long. I often take summer staples and layer them into fall looks. I wear a lot more color in the summer and then when I transition into fall, I throw in more leopard prints.