Q&A: Lisa Samuel

What parenting book should all mothers of three boys read? This West Chester yoga studio owner shares her favorite and more.

Lisa Samuel, 46, West Chester
Owner and Yogini, PLAY: Peace Love Art Yoga,
West Chester

» Books on her nightstand: Claire Dederer’s Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses. It’s an interesting perspective on how yoga and life intersect. Another is Kay West’s How to Raise a Gentleman: A Civilized Guide to Helping Your Son Through His Uncivilized Childhood. I’m raising three boys, so this is a must-read. I also have The Devil’s Teeth by Susan Casey, documenting the great white sharks of the Farallon Islands. I’m reading it to my 9-year-old son, and he’s fascinated.

» iPod song on repeat: Usher’s “More.” We play it during our “Teen Rhapsody” yoga classes.

» Restaurant of the hour: High Street Caffé in West Chester.

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» Personal heroes: My niece, Dominique, who was born with a heart defect and scoliosis, and is now class president at her prep school.

» One thing she knows for sure: The days are long, but the years are short.

» Very own vici: Reinventing myself as the owner of a yoga art studio.

» Zen destination: Any beach, preferably on the Mediterranean.

» If she had an extra hour each day, she would: Read and meditate.

» Life view: chance or fate? Fate. Things happen for a reason; embrace it all.

» Pet peeve: People with negative energy.

» Most marked characteristic: My ability to create immediate, strong, genuine relationships with people.

» Qualities she admires most in others: Intelligence, wit, charm and generosity.

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» Mantra: Pick yourself up and brush yourself off; it’s a brand-new day.

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