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Q&A: Jewelry Maker Lisi Lerch


Lisi Lerch, 40, West Conshohocken
Owner, Lisi Lerch Designs

» Her profession: Jewelry maker. 

» Coolest thing about her job: “I get to be a stay-at-home mom for my three little ones while also running a successful business.” 

» Last thing she read: Killing Time: An 18-Year Odyssey from Death Row to Freedom

» Last thing she ate that she loved: “The grilled chicken salad from super-kid-friendly Christopher’s in Wayne.” 

» Role model: “My grandmother, Libby. I named my first daughter after her. She went through some really difficult times in her life, and she always remained a lady.” 

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» Perfect vacation: Bora Bora. 

» What she likes most about herself: “I love to have fun all the time, and I love my life and my family and friends so much.” 

» Pet peeve: “Negative people.” 

» What she loves most about others: “Hardworking, kind, generous people who love life as much as I do.” 

» Country or rock? “I lean more toward pop, or just something with a great beat.” 

» Ketchup or mustard? “I’ve always been a ketchup girl. I drown french fries in it.” 

» Words to live by: “Create a life for yourself that you love.”

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