Q&A: Designer Jeffrey Levinson

This Wynnewood resident isn’t caught up in summer trends this year.

Personal style: My personal style is pretty much not having a personal style. It takes a lot of work, but I’m up to it. I don’t focus on shopping for myself—but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate others’ good taste. I love to see a great pair of shoes and a well-made handbag on a strong, confident woman. The right choices will absolutely enhance her natural beauty. And, yes, I like that.

Favorite designers: Designers whose work seems built on enduring human truths have always captured my attention and admiration. At the top of the list right now are Malcolm Sayer, Frank Lloyd Wright, Carolina Herrera, Emilio Pucci and Brunello Cucinelli. 

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Favorite summer trends: I’m not much of a fashion plate when it comes to myself, so I’m most looking forward to shorts, T-shirts and bare feet at the beach. But as long as we’re on the subject, I do look pretty good in the lounge chair on our patio.

Style icons: I’ve got many, and they’re all over the map—from Bob Dylan and Richard Avedon and Sean Connery to the Beastie Boys and a little Andre 3000 for good measure. Most people don’t realize this, but if you combine all of those styles into one, you actually get the navy pants, loafers and button-down shirt I’m wearing in this photo.

Most recent addition to his closet: The overflow items from my wife’s closet.

Favorite item in his closet: A hanging shoe rack from IKEA, but somehow all my shoes are still on the floor. 

Recent splurge: A well-fitted, well-made Brooks Brothers suit will go a long way.  

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Favorite places to shop: I’m a big fan of Ella’s Grove and Home Grown, both in Haverford. And, of course, the Stoltzfus Bakery at the Ardmore Farmers’ Market makes the best doughnuts you’ll find anywhere. My kids make fun of my “Country Cream” addiction, but I think love in all its forms is a beautiful thing. 

Visit www.jeffreylevinson.com.

Photo by Tessa Marie Images.

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