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Q&A: Budding Country Music Singer Torri Melhart


Torri Melhart, West Chester 

Budding Country Music Star

Coolest thing about being a singer: Having my music on iTunes is pretty cool. Meeting so many really great people—fans and other performers—is also really fun. 

The last thing she read: I’m in ninth grade, so probably a school assignment. I just haven’t had much time for reading because all my free time is devoted to songwriting, practicing and performing. 

The last thing she ate that she loved: At Shady Maple, I just had some ice cream that was amazing. There’s so much food there, and it’s all great. 

Role model: Actor/singer Samuel Larsen, The Glee Project winner. He’s inspiring, and I really like his story. 

The perfect vacation: Anywhere in Europe, because I’ve never been there. Hopefully, I’ll get to tour outside the United States in a few years. 

Pet peeve: When people crack their knuckles or other bones in front of me. I hate that! 

What she likes most about herself: That I’m able to do what I love.

What she likes most about others: I try to see the good in everyone.

Words to live by: If you celebrate life, you’ll have a life to celebrate. 

To learn more about Torri Melhart, visit torrimelhart.com.

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