Put Down That Smartphone! (And Get Some Sleep)

What’s the recommended amount for kids?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that kids ages 6-10 get a minimum of 10 hours of sleep per night. Not happening in your house? Here are four strategies to alleviate the sleep deficit.

Turn off electronics at bedtime. Even better, remove them from the bedroom. That goes for smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices.

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Limit evening activities, including homework. The modern family’s busy schedule affects both children and parents’ quality of sleep. According to the NSF study, 41 percent of parents said after-school activities affect their own sleep. 

Enforce sleep rules. Studies show that children sleep 1.1 hours more when their parents enforce bedtime.

Set a good example. Nearly 65 percent of children whose parents have one or more electronic devices in their bedroom also have them in their rooms.

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