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Puppy Love


Tucked away among the baked goods, produce, flowers and fruit is the latest addition to Ardmore Farmers Market—something for four-legged friends and their owners only. Bark Avenue Boutique has everything one could possibly need to treat a favorite pup like royalty—with a few things for the feline set, too. “People adore their dogs because they’re always there for us through the good and the bad,” says owner Donna Marie Buscaglia. “Many people treat them like children.”

Which explains all of the pet strollers Buscaglia sells. “Yes, people do take their dogs and cats for walks in them,” she admits.

Along with the strollers, Bark Avenue offers an array of snazzy pet gifts, from handmade collars and organic soaps to custom beds, Chanel-inspired carriers, and rhinestone and pearl necklaces. A large armoire displays fashionable attire, including college and NFL jerseys, frilly dresses, raincoats (because no one wants to smell like a wet dog) and even lingerie (it’s modest—we promise!).

Best-sellers include La Petit canine cookies, baked fresh each night in Buscaglia’s Wallingford kitchen. “I make them with natural ingredients and no preservatives,” she says.

Suburban Square, Ardmore; (610) 642-4495, thebarkavenueboutique.com.

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