‘Property Brothers’ Promote Their Furniture Line on QVC

The TV personality twins dropped by the West Chester studio for a live show featuring their outdoor furniture collection.

The Scott brothers don’t have a lot of downtime these days. In addition to hosting and producing four shows, managing a production company and a real estate firm, releasing a book and getting a song onto the Billboard’s Top 40 Country Songs, they have taken to selling their outdoor furniture line, Scott Living, on QVC.

With their name on so many products, it’s easy to imagine they have little to do with the creation process of their items—but that isn’t the case. In their partnership with the West Chester-based retail giant, the duo has made appearances on five QVC shows, four of which have been in front of a live studio audience. That’s not an easy feat, according to QVC’s senior vice president of brand, Doug Rose.

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“We are often approached by celebrities and their agents looking to monetize their personalities,” Rose says. “We tend to be very cautious about the people that we partner with because in a live environment like QVC’s, you can tell if people have a real connection to that product, or they don’t. One of the things that is the most powerful about [the Scott Brothers] is the fact that the connection they have to the product is very real. We’re really pleased with their commitment to making sure our customers are happy with the experience.”

The brothers have plenty of experience in front of cameras, but Rose says that their camaraderie and personalities are authentic, both on and off camera. “It’s a very genuine kind of chemistry they have.”

That chemistry was evident before and during their fourth live show on QVC on Tuesday, Feb. 23 (To view a clip of the show, scroll to the bottom). We sat down to talk with them about their new line and future plans.

Jonathan and Drew Scott//Photo courtesy of QVC.

Scott Living swivel chair//Photo courtesy of QVC.

MLT: Why was your line established?

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Jonathan Scott: We’ve been getting fans for the longest time asking when we’re going to put something out because they know we stand for quality and also affordability. We started talking and we came up with the concept of affordable luxury, and when we started working with Woods [Manufacturing Company], we started looking at different concepts. Before we knew it, we were blowing people away at the furniture shows. It was all new stuff that people hadn’t seen.

Drew Scott: You walk through a sea of boring when you look through all of the stuff that’s out there. All of the sudden, Scott Living was just popping. As we’ve come to QVC, we’ve just grown and grown. We get real-time feedback from our fans through social media and hear the things they’re loving, that they’re buying on QVC and the things that they’d like to see.

JS: I don’t actually know a lot of furniture lines that listen that intently to their consumers. From what we were selling on QVC last year, we had people—the QVC audience—make suggestions, even an adaptation of an existing product we have—and we did it. 

DS: They wanted to see a pool floatie that was Jonathan. And we did it. [Both laugh] Oh, we haven’t done that yet. 

Portofino Fountain//

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Photo courtesy of QVC.

MLT: How would you describe your outdoor line?

DS: Affordable luxury. The outdoor space is one of our favorites. One problem for us on Property Brothers is we don’t get to do a lot of outdoor spaces because we’re focused on what’s most important to that individual family. We’ve done some, but our Scott Living line is a huge way to showcase what’s important for us—even the renovation we did on our own house. The majority of what we did for Property Brothers at Home was our outdoor space, and it’s this beautiful entertaining space for all of our family and friends to come over.

JS: The biggest staple for us is taking that indoor comfort outside. A lot of that stuff you’re seeing, you would never in a million years guess that it is made for outdoors because it’s so comfortable. It feels like something you would have in your bedroom or your living room. 

MLT: What do you look for when selecting retailers for your line?

DS: We are not in this for short-term relationships with anybody that we partner with. We’re now doing our indoor line with QVC. We have one of our items that we sold here; it’s this crackle globe—an LED light on a shepherd’s hook. We sold 6,000 units in [the debut show]. We even had 5,700 copies of our book [sell out on launch day].

JS: What we offer really resonates with the QVC audience, and some of the announcements of the new products that we’re going to be announcing are going to be huge. We’re very outside-of-the-box thinkers, so sometimes we have wild ideas with things we want to do. With our book, for example, we’re offering it to the QVC audience before it’s released everywhere else. We give them a little bit of that insider scoop.

DS: It’s like they’re on our Christmas card list. They get all the good news about the upcoming year before anyone else does.

MLT: What are each of your favorite pieces from the line?

JS: The crackle globe is amazing, but we also just introduced the swivel chair. We have a deep-seating outdoor set as well as a bistro set that has absolutely been a favorite. People are loving it, and now have the ability to add another piece if they’ve already purchased the set.

DS: And it’s fun, just spinning all day long. For me, I’d say our Portofino fountain. There’s a bronze version—we have several different finishes—but the bronze is just a beautiful, beautiful fountain.

JS: I change my answer. The gnomes. 

DS: [Laughs] Jonathan just likes to have the gnomes all around him.

JS: We have this thing with the fans that anyone who buys the gnome—if they take fun, quirky photos like with their kids or dogs or whatever, and post them with the hashtag #brognomes, we engage with them.

MLT: What are some of your dos and don’ts for outdoor decorating?

DS: One thing you have to do is define the space. Sometimes people will just throw some furniture out there and call it a party. You want to make sure that whatever you’re using your outdoor space for, you define it the same way you would inside, by using outdoor area rugs or clusters of furniture. You want to create a mood.

JS: Also, cluster things to create different levels so it doesn’t become static. Look for durability in all of your materials. You want stuff that’s not going to fade and that’s mildew-resistant.

DS: It’s nice to have your different zones throughout, but make sure not to clutter the space. In reality, people don’t think about it. They think outdoor, they think lawn chairs. You want your outdoor space to be as comfortable as indoors. Inside, it’s the same thing—you wouldn’t want to clutter any of your spaces. 

MLT: You’ve touched on it a little bit, but what does the future look like for Scott living?

JS: We’re working on our indoor line now, which we’ll roll out soon. That’s everything from furniture to linens. I want to shock our consumers by showing them that they can afford the quality that we’re offering them. We keep the price point very reasonable and the style very on-trend. It’s going to be exciting. As we continue to roll things out, you’ll see stuff in the technology space, too. 

DS: In our opinions, everyone deserves to live in their dream home. A lot of people just don’t think that they can afford that. We educate them on how they can actually have that through a fixer-upper or furniture design. With our collection, we’re literally showing people how they can transform the space and have that high-end dream look without busting their budgets.

MLT: This is your fourth time coming on a live show for QVC. Why is it that you are drawn to this format? 

DS: I think it’s a win-win for our fans and for us. There’s an energy that you get from being live. We do live lectures all over the country, and people just have this energy that comes out. You see it on TV as well. Also, the fact that we can actually pull fans from the audience to come and feel some of our furniture pieces, feel the rugs, sit down in the chairs—they’re basically a voice for all the millions who are out there watching and want to be there to touch things, to see what they’re like.

JS: We pride ourselves on the partnerships that we form and what we put our name behind. We don’t just throw our name on everything that’s out there. We created this furniture line. We stand by the quality of it. So when we actually get behind a partner like QVC or Woods, we’re 100 percent partners in business. We’re not just showing up, doing our thing and then leaving.

DS: They try to get rid of Jonathan, but he clings. He’s like that bad date that doesn’t go away. [Laughs]

#Brognomes//Photo courtesy of QVC.

MLT: When you’ve come to West Chester, are there any places you’ve visited?

DS: The unfortunate thing is that our schedule is crazy—not only do we shoot 60 full-blown renovations and episodes for our other shows, but we also have Scott Living; we have our book, Dream Home, that just came out; we have the songs that we just released for Property Brothers at Home on the Ranch.

JS: Which we just Billboard-ed—Top 40 Country Songs. 

DS: Yeah, on the Billboard charts for the country songs, we’re number 38.

JS: We love doing live [shows] wherever we go, so that’s one thing I love about QVC. When we landed at the airport today, and we got off the plane, people were like, “You’ve got to bring the show to Philadelphia!” The network chooses where we go, so we always encourage the fans to get online and tell them to bring the show here, because it’d be a heck of a lot easier for us to stroll over to West Chester and just do QVC than it would be to fly in every single time. 

DS: We also love our fans to tell us suggestions of where to go.

JS: We had enough offers already at the airport to do a full season.


Some responses have been shortened and edited for clarification. For additional information about the show, Property Brothers, visit HGTV.

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