Praise for Athlete John Roberston

Plus, readers show their love for Norristown.


Gridiron Woes

John Robertson is not only a terrific athlete but also a very nice young man who I believe is destined for success no matter what he chooses to do after graduation.

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Stephen Miller

Towns on the Brink: Norristown and Bridgeport

I’ve lived in Norristown for 65 years. Maybe I am not a realist and grew up in a simpler time, but I don’t feel very safe here. I live on my family homestead, but I’m sure this is the last year this house will remain in the family after 50-plus years. I need to move. Sad. 

Trudy McMenamin McGee

I’m all for expansion, but if you don’t fix the school system, it will be all for naught. Families won’t come—or stay. 

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Nicole Ross-Coey

WXPN’s New Radio Host Kristen Kurtis

Love XPN! Great article. How lucky for the Philadelphia market to have Kristen on air.

Leslie Padilla

We miss Kristen down here in Austin. Philly is so lucky to have her!

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Gene Hale

New Wave of Mexican on the Main Line

El Limon is easily the best Mexican I’ve ever had.

John Gessler

Our Best of the Main Line & Western Suburbs Party is July 25!