Power Women 2020: Katrin Hillner

Photo by Tessa Marie Images

President and CEO of PC Network Inc.

Right now, over 20 billion devices are connected to the internet. “All of this technology is communicating via the network,” says Wayne’s Katrin Hillner.

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No stranger to technology infrastructure, Hillner began building the latest version of PC Network in 2006, when she acquired a majority interest in the company. Hillner has since transformed PCN, working with companies around the globe. “We have a very niche technical capability,” Hillner says. PCN offers innovative software and services in domain name systems, dynamic host configuration protocol, IP address management and more. It’s carved out a unique place in the market, with operating entities in Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom and the U.S., along with support infrastructure in Asia. “It’s how things connect to the internet on enterprise networks,” she says of the complex concepts. “It’s changing incredibly quickly with the profusion of devices.”

With so much connectivity and clients dealing with sensitive information, security is a top priority. So PCN has launched a new subset focused on governance, risk and compliance. “It’s really helping organizations develop the security practices they need to defend against the increased threat environment,” she says. “The bad actors have invested a lot. They continue to evolve, and they’re getting more sophisticated.”

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