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POST: Reader Letters


Fabulous Feury
Wow, you hit the bull’s-eye! Chef Patrick Feury—our favorite teacher—is the absolute best [Fall Dining Guide, August 2007]. His commitment to the farmer is awesome. Thank you for a great lineup of chefs.
Charlotte Ann and Ann-Michelle Albertson Albertson Cooking School

Native No More
Mark E. Dixon’s “Better Than Extermination” [Retrospect, August 2007] was an especially astute piece. I don’t think it’s commonly known that the mission of Carlisle and the other Indian schools was to eradicate their cultural heritage as much as possible. One of the other ways this was done was through sports. Football and baseball were pushed really hard at these places. And, indeed, Carlisle turned out some tremendous talents—arguably the greatest athlete of the 20th century, Jim Thorpe, and Hall of Fame pitcher Charles Albert Bender of the Philadelphia Athletics.
John Shiffert
Newnan, Ga.

CORRECTION In last month’s “Party Time!” feature, inaccurate information was provided for Melmark’s annual benefit. Dancing With the Stars will be held March 29 at the Park Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia. For more information, contact (610) 325-4976 or e-mail cgm@melmark.org.

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