POST: Reader Letters

Sola So Good
I just read Dawn Warden’s assessment of Sola in Bryn Mawr (Epicure, October 2006). It was not a review of the restaurant per se, but more like an homage to John Wolferth, the former owner. Get over it, Dawn. Wolferth sold the restaurant to Dave Clouser. I’ve eaten there several times, and each time I’ve enjoyed my meal. The presentation, dishes and glassware are top-notch; the service is attentive but not cloyingly so. And as a confessed food addict, I have to say that everything I’ve ever eaten there has been wonderful. My husband is a wine enthusiast and held a wine dinner there—and believe me, those people are fussy, fussy. They absolutely adored the tasting menu. I highly recommend eating at Sola, and I applaud the chef for his innovative and delicious menu.
JoAnn Erfer

Life Lessons
Thank you for the beautiful article in Main Line Today [“Women To Watch,” October 2006]. Now we have to live up to that responsibility. Our parents are so cute; they sent us e-mails saying they were so proud of us. That’s one of those priceless things Pat and I will treasure always. You are correct: It is often the cards we are dealt in life that drive us through the rest of it. Pat calls our girls gifts, and they have taught us so much.
Nancy Blair and Patricia Roberts
The Academy

Designer Kudos
I enjoyed the October issue. I really like the new direction of the magazine—especially the layout of the home section.
Lisa Stone
Lisa Stone Design

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Penultimate Perks
It would appear your article on “Best Places to Work” [September 2006] inadvertently omitted one small company that runs circles around the 19 companies described in your September 2006 issue. Tax Doctor Corporation, an international tax-consulting firm, is headquartered in West Chester, with branch offices in several cities and outside the country as well. The staff is provided lunch at local restaurants every day, educational programs are reimbursed 100 percent, and the best medical benefits available are fully paid by the company at an average of more than $1,000 per person per month. Profit sharing last year was $5,230 per person. And the entire staff and their families just returned from nine days in Bermuda.
On any given day, individual personnel are awarded $50 or $100 when they’re caught doing something right by CEO Lawrence Murray. Multi-carat diamond jewelry is consistently awarded to personnel on their anniversaries with the firm. At the annual Christmas party, staff and everyone who provided services to the firm during the year bring their families to the event for humorous gifts, a great party and cash bonuses. And, of course, taxes: Each employee’s compensation is engineered so the individual pays the very least to the government.
We work for the company with the best perks in this region, if not in the world.
Ingrid Guthrie
Vice President, Tax Doctor Corporation
West Chester

Some of our figures in the November 2006 “Great High Schools” chart were off the mark. The Agnes Irwin School spends $25,525 per student, and the proportion of Non-Caucasian students is 19 percent. At the Haverford School, spending per student is $25,100, and the percentage of Non-Caucasian students is 13.

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