4 Ways to Deal With Post-Breakup Blues

Photo by Adobe Stock | gpointstudio

Don’t let social media make your breakup harder.

In a social-media-driven world that values constant connection, mourning the end of a relationship is more complicated than ever—especially around Valentine’s Day. Regardless of who initiated it, a breakup is an emotionally arduous process that requires time, patience, self-love and letting go of old feelings.

Examining and adjusting your social media habits can have a profound effect on your recovery. Here are four ways to help minimize the damage.

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  1. Take a Valentine’s Day hiatus from social media. Avoiding an ex-partner’s online activity allows for speedier healing. What was the hardest part? How did you feel afterward? Consider extending your break or setting limits—at least until seeing your ex-partner on social media doesn’t negatively impact your recovery.

  1. Create a safe space on social media. Consider other options for virtual connection, like starting a new group text or Facebook group with your closest friends. Targeted communications from close friends can have the most positive impact during a breakup.

  1. Identify triggers that lead to self-destructive social media habits. It’s important to have a plan in place to cope with photos, memories or other milestones from your former relationship. When you feel the need to revisit those things on social media, try a hot bath or another self-soothing method to relax the body and calm emotions.

  1. Remain hopeful. Mourning a breakup is hard work, but you won’t feel this way forever. There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to take a step back, put down your phone and invest in yourself.



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