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Plus-Size Praise



A Plus-Size Plea

Katie Bambi-Kohler is such an inspiration to young girls! People are so rude and disrespectful when it comes to people’s weight—when what they should be focused on is themselves and improving their own self-worth.

Aimee Victoria, Trappe, Pa.

If you aren’t happy with how you feel, then, by all means, work out, eat less, and try to lose some weight. But, frankly, tons of us don’t want unsolicited dieting advice from people we barely know. 

Christina Woodruff, Osceola, Ind.

You go, girl. I’m 52 with PCOS. I’m happy to say I have four children and wear my scars of this disease proudly. I didn’t let it define me.

Allison Baronich Lewis, Biloxi, Miss.

Katie, you really hit the nail on the head here! You’ve channeled your experience into producing this wonderful article that a lot of people and parents can learn from. Everyone’s body tells a story, and everyone’s journey is different.

Sarah Cook, Dublin, Ireland


Due to a production glitch, the wrong photo ran with our July write-up on Teresa Badolato, our wildcard winner for Best Curly Hair Stylist. We regret the error. 

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